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  • Using @Environment in SwiftUI to link Swift Package dependencies

    Antoine van der Lee
    The @Environment property wrapper in SwiftUI allows you to read values from a view’s environment. You’re able to configure an environment value yourself or make use of the default available values. Please read my article on Property Wrappers before diving into this one. Note that this is a different...
  • Dispatching to the Main thread with MainActor in Swift

    Swift 5.5 introduced loads of new concurrency related features. One of these features is the MainActor annotation that we can apply to classes, functions, and properties. In this post you’ll learn several techniques that you can use to dispatch your code to the main thread from within Swift...
  • Specific physical phenomena

    Continuing the theme of exploring the exercises in Software: A Technical History: Give an example of a specific physical phenomenon that software dependson in order to run. Can a different physical phenomenon be used? If so, giveanother example phenomenon. If … Continue reading →
  • Content margins in SwiftUI

    Majid Jabrayilov
    SwiftUI introduced a set of view modifiers, allowing us to manage the safe area in our views efficiently. In many cases, the safe area is where you want to put your content. Today, we will learn about the new content margin concept that SwiftUI introduced and how it differs from the safe area.
  • MLX - Day 1: Getting started
    Following my post yesterday to introduce you about my motivation to learn MLX, I’ll start writing a serie of MLX tutorials. My goal is to…
  • How to Use Experimental Swift Versions and Features in Xcode

    Michael Tsai
    Donny Wals: We can click the Universal download link to install the Swift toolchain that you’re interested in. For example, if you’re eager to try out a cutting edge feature like Swift 6’s isolation regions feature you can download the trunk development toolchain. Or if you’re interested in trying...
  • Apple Maps in Tokyo

    Michael Tsai
    Joe Rosensteel: When searching for a business, like your hotel which is part of a very large hotel chain, Google will show the one saved in your list as the first search result when you start typing. Apple Maps will show you the search results in the same order you’d see them otherwise, but it […]
  • Hackintosh Is Almost Dead

    Michael Tsai
    Aleksandar Vacić (via Hacker News, Ric Ford): It’s true that latest macOS 14 (Sonoma) still supports the latest generations of Intel Macs and it’s very likely that at least one or two major versions will still be compatible. But there’s one particular development that is de-facto killing off the...
  • The Apple Jonathan

    Michael Tsai
    Stephen Hackett (Hacker News): Those four machines are well known, but there was a fifth possibility in the mix, named the Jonathan. In his book Inventing the Future, John Buck writes about the concept, which was led by Apple engineer Jonathan Fitch starting in the fall of 1984.This concept...
  • Developing An Inclusive Mindset
    I don’t really give conference talks anymore, but I had this idea bouncing around my head for a while which I thought would make a good one. So I recorded it as though I was giving a talk. The idea is around how to develop An Inclusive Mindset as it relates to product design. How to build software...
  • Initializing @MainActor type from a non-isolated context in Swift

    Toomas Vahter
    Recently I was in the middle of working on code where I wanted a type to require @MainActor since the type was an ObservaleObject and makes sense if it always publishes changes on the MainActor. The MainActor type needed to be created by another type which is not a MainActor. How to do it? This […]
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